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134 professors ride bicycles to Utrecht primary schools


On Wednesday, 30 March, 134 professors of Utrecht University will visit 100 Utrecht-based primary schools to tell about their work. This is part of the Lustrum programme for the university's 380th anniversary. As part of Meet the Professor, over 4,000 students from Grades 7 and 8 (Dutch school system) will be introduced to professors and their research.

On 30 March, the 134 robe-clad professors will commence their bicycle tour, starting at Utrecht's Cathedral Square (Domplein). For five months, the students have prepared for the professors' visits to their classes. Who will visit which class is still a secret: on six occasions, the schools received golden envelopes, each one containing a hint and a potential topic. This gave them hints regarding the professor in question's field of expertise, ultimate dream and hobbies. Every class also made a drawing of their visiting professor and sent it to the professor in question. On 30 March, they will see if their drawings are accurate.

To stay curious
With Meet the Professor, Utrecht University's Wetenschapsknooppunt establishes a large-scale connection between primary schools and professors. The university wants to show primary-school students how funny and important it is to stay curious and investigative. It will be the first time nearly all Utrecht-based primary schools will be introduced to science and experience the world of the university.

80 teaching students at ALPO, PABO and Educational Studies have helped the professors to prepare for their visits to the primary schools.

In 2016, Utrecht University will celebrate its 76th Lustrum: 380 Years Bright Minds, Better Future. Together with students, staff members, alumni, local and regional partners, the university organises the Lustrum programme: Create, Connect & Celebrate! For further information, please read

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