ERC Advanced Grant

€3.5 million European grant for innovative research into deep mantle processes

The European Research Council (ERC) has awarded a €3.5 million grant to Professor Jeannot Trampert. This prestigious ERC Advanced Grant is for experienced scientists conducting excellent, innovative scientific research. Trampert will focus over the coming years on a radically new approach, using state-of-the art pattern-recognition techniques, to study the relationship between deep mantle processes and geophysical and geochemical processes at the Earth’s surface.


Probabilistic tomography
Jeannot Trampert (1961) has been working at the Faculty of Geosciences since 1996. He is highly regarded for his seismological studies, which have provided a better understanding of the relationship between the deep mantle’s temperature, pressure and mineralogical composition. He was the first to apply the concept of probabilistic tomography: a new seismic imaging technique. 

Leading Utrecht scientist
Prof. Trampert graduated as a geophysicist, with a very strong background in physics and mathematics, from the University of Strasbourg, where he also received his doctorate in 1990. His professional career has included being the Marie Curie Fellow at the University of Oxford, a visiting professor at the Ecole Normale de Lyon and, since 1996, an associate professor at Utrecht University. He was appointed Professor of Geophysics at Utrecht in 2004. He has headed the seismology group since 2000, and in 2009 became Director of Research in the Department of Earth Sciences.

This Utrecht scientist has won several national and international prizes:

ERC Advanced Grant
The EU awards these substantial ERC grants to fund groundbreaking research by excellent scientists. The grants are personal and designed for exceptional researchers who are leaders in their field.

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