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ERC Consolidator Grants

Seismologist and Physicist receive European grant


Seismologist Arwen Deuss and physicist Marijn van Huis receive a prestigious ERC Consolidator Grant. The grants are awarded by the European Research Counsil. Both researchers each receive a grant with a maximum of 2 million euro, which enables them to consolidate their research groups.

Arwen Deuss

Mapping earth’s composition
Dr. Arwen Deuss, Seismology, Faculty of Geosciences

Seismologist Arwen Deuss uses large earthquakes to understand the structure of the earth and map variations in its composition and temperature. Deuss will not only measure the speed of the vibrations, but also attenuation of the signal. She is the first in the world to start measuring attenuations using whole earth oscillations.

"Normally we only measure speed” says Deuss. “But the speed of the wave can have different causes. For example, if it travels through warm material or if there is iron present in the Earth. Speed alone does not give us enough information. If we add the attenuation measurements the additional information will allow me to distinguish between temperature and material composition.”

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Marijn van HuisLive imaging formation of nanomaterials
Dr. Marijn van Huis, Physics, Faculty of Science

Physicist Marijn van Huis is the first to produce live atomic-level resolution images of how nanomaterials are formed in a solution. This is interesting for the development of new sustainable and smart materials. This could enable the production of a solid-state laser with an adjustable wavelength, for example. Also his research could help with understanding earthquakes.

“I expect that it will take a few years to develop this new scientific technology”, says Van Huis. “But when we do, we will be the first in the world to be able to observe the formation of nanomaterials in a solution. The business community, especially the chemical industry and electron microscopy companies, are very interested in these developments.”

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